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November, 2022
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After deciding to buy a home in southern Spain, we spent approx. 6 months looking for properties - primarily via the internet.

When we came into contact with Tine Villanueva from our search become really targeted. Tine worked based on our wishes (of which there were many) and in that way she was able to help us in a short time to make our housing search more concrete and qualified.

Based on our prepared and long list of homes that we had sent in advance; we went to Spain for a home inspection.

This is where Mikael Ingelsbo and Marlene stepped in. They had planned home showings based partly on our lists, but also on the current and relevant homes that they had found. We looked at no less than 19 homes in 2 1/2 days, which may sound like a lot, but with Mikael's structuring and ongoing collection, he helped us to maintain an overview and keep focus on precisely the criteria that were important to us. This made our final choice and decision easy, because when on the 3rd day we saw the townhouse that matched all our criteria and wishes, we didn't have a moment's doubt.

We received great help and advice in the final negotiation from Mikael and all the practical matters with the lawyer and notary went easily and uncomplicated, so that everything was in place within a few days, so that we could go home and wait for the formalities to take place.

All in all, it has been a very positive and uncomplicated process for us, buying a home in Spain and we have felt safe and in extremely professional hands throughout the process and can only recommend to anyone who is thinking about buying a home in Spain.

A big thank you to "our" team Tine, Mikael, and Marlene from

Many greetings,

Lars & Bo

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