Lars Sandstrøm

Buyer i Gran Alacant
Juli, 2022
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For some years I have had a look at buying a home in Spain, but it was only in the meeting with homes-abroad that the process of finding and buying a home was streamlined. On a holiday in Alicante, Line Lützow from the local homes-abroad showed me and my children some apartments that matched my wishes quite accurately. I ended up choosing an apartment in Gran Alacant, south of Alicante. I have no regrets.

In the process of creating a safe purchase, getting an overview of the finances, getting papers arranged, and getting the home ready for moving in, Line and homes-abroad have played an important role. Because when you, like me, do not know much Spanish, the contractor is delayed with the construction, and the actual handover of the apartment could definitely be wished for better, then it is very valuable with a broker like Line, who follows up the process, gives good advice, takes the dialogue the contractor, and causes the pieces to fall into place.

I can therefore highly recommend contacting if you have plans to buy a home in Spain. They help to sharpen your housing needs, to give you security in relation to the overall economy, and finally they assist if challenges arise along the way.

I have found my dream home, and if I have to buy or sell a home in Spain again, I know where to turn.

Lars Sandstrom

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