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Välkommen till Llíria & L´Eliana

Located 30 minutes inland from the coastal city of Valencia, this ancient city is filled with Roman, Iberian and Moorish charm.

Move to this ‘city of music’ to enjoy culture, ancient history, and rich local gastronomy.

Lliria & L´Eliana are ancient cities which lies 30 minutes inland from the coastal city of Valencia, and forms one of the main historical cities of the region. Numerous civilisations throughout the ages have left their mark: the Iberians called this place Edeta; the Romans left temples and pools, while the Moors left baths and Mosques. You can walk in their footsteps at various places throughout the town.  Follow the Moors to the Banos Arabes, 12th century Arabian baths once visited by devout Muslims to purify themselves before prayer or trail the Iberians to Poblado Iberico Edeta, an ancient Iberian ruin where the curious gather to view fragments of the past, from old houses, to paintings, inscriptions and pottery.

These days, the city is still a melting pot of rich culture, and is particularly famed for its music – Lliria is known as the ‘city of music’ and has two schools of music and two orchestras to prove it, not to mention playing host to various music festivals throughout the year.

It’s not just music though; the city also enjoys an equally rich gastronomy. Rice is a staple and appears in many dishes in all imaginable varieties, locally reared and wild meat finds their way into delicious sausages and dishes such as meat paella, and traditionally made cakes and pastries mark the changing seasons. If you love history, culture, music, and great food, Lliria could be perfect!

Lliria and L´Eliana has a majority Spanish population, with a small international community.



There is a wide variety of property on offer in Lliria and L´Eliana and sourounding cities, from apartments and townhouses, to country houses and villas.


They offers excellent amenities, with plenty of places to eat and drink, shops, supermarkets, grocers, butchers, a library, archeological museum, several golf courses nearby and many beautiful parks and gardens.


There are excellent transport links, with the city of Valencia just over 30 minutes away. Take the CV37 direct to Valencia, or catch one of the many buses and coaches that depart each day.


There are a number of public health clinics and doctors and also a hospital Hospital de Lliria nearby. Lliria also has dentists, opticians, chemists, and veterinary surgeries, so you can rest assured that the whole family (including pets) will be well taken care of.

Cost of Living

You will save a lot of money on housing compared to Valencia city, which is very good value for money. The cost of living generally is low, especially when considering the high standard of living.