What Include Our Insurance Broker Services?

18 Mar | 23 min read

Through our collaboration with one of Spain’s biggest full-service insurance broker in Spain, we offer all kinds of cover and insurances for you, your family, your vehicle, your belongings and your business…and in your own language!

Working with the best local and international companies allows us to offer competitive quotes that will help you find cheaper insurances without risking your safety or someone else’s.

Our multilingual customer service will help and assist you when handling claims etc. We speak Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, Dutch and Spanish. You will receive all correspondence and policy conditions in English.


We can help you take out the following insurance policies:

Car insurances

At Homes-Abroad Insurance we help you find the best price for your car insurance in Spain. Make sure you sit fully insured behind the wheel! Aside from the compulsory liability coverage, you can choose from a wide range of coverages, varying from a basic liability cover to an all-risk coverage.

You may also choose from a great range of workshops where you will receive the best repairing services. Our car insurance coverages deal with other matters, too: traffic fines, legal assistance, substitute vehicle, coverage in case of collision with animals, or transportation of the vehicle in case of an accident.

We also do insurances for other vehicles like motorcycles and vans.

Boat insurances

Enjoy Your Boat without Worries with Our Insurance

At Homes-Abroad Insurance we can offer tailored boat and yacht insurance policies at competitive prices for almost any vessel. In Spain, whether you live in Comunidad Valenciana, Cataluña, Baleares, Andalucia or somewhere else en la costa it is mandatory to purchase a civil liability insurance covering for recreational boats.

As with any other vehicle you must insure your boat. It is also mandatory to include a specific guarantee covering liability for polluting the environment. If you do not meet these minimum requirements, you may not navigate in Spanish waters.

Protect you and your boat from natural disasters, sinking, vandalism, theft… Your boat insurance will cover for all types of incidents at quay, while sailing or even during transport.

Home insurances

Get a home insurance in Spain and be covered against water damage, short circuit, fire, window damage or burglary. Indirectly a home insurance will also protect you against natural disasters and other extraordinary risks like flood, damages by severe weather, earthquakes among other.

Besides all standard covers for damage you are also entitled to basic legal assistance. You can also choose optional liability covers for dangerous dogs, damage to vehicles parked in the garage, other kinds of accidental damage, failure of electronic equipment, etc.

Make sure your property and belongings are well covered against theft or robbery and that your home has a good third-party liability policy.

We also do insurances for a Community of Owners.

Private health insurances

As an expat in Spain with our private health insurance you need not wait for medical treatment. A wide network with multilingual professionals will take care of your health.

Private health insurance in Spain offers you the freedom to choose doctors and hospitals, quick treatments and direct access to specialists.

We offer private health insurances that are especially suitable for expatriates in Spain with English speaking doctors in their medical network. We work with the most important insurance companies in Spain.

Travel insurances

Travel Insurances for All Kinds of Travellers

Whether it’s a one-off trip, year-long adventure or backpacking escapade, we’ll find the right travel insurance cover for you as an expat traveller living in Spain.

If you are a frequent traveller, then an annual travel insurance could be the right choice for you.

Life insurances

Get A Life Insurance for Your Family Financial Security

The main purpose of a life insurance as an expat is to guarantee your family financial security.

We offer a wide range of life insurances for residents in Spain that cover disability due to accident, serious illness and death. The premiums of a life insurance are dependent on age and the amount to cover.

Repatriation and death insurances

Taking care of the ones you leave behind. With our insurances your funeral in Spain or repatriation to your home country will be arranged with a single call.

A death insurance gives the relatives the possibility to choose either a funeral in Spain or repatriation to your country of origin.

All legal and administrative aspects will be taken care of and in case the service is not used the complete amount paid to the insurance company will be refunded.

Death Insurance for Foreigners in Spain

Being prepared, should the worst occur, gives you and your beloved ones some peace of mind to confront already difficult times. Having the right death insurance policy adds tranquillity to stressful moments in the event of your own death.

Why Having a Death Insurance?

These reasons below show why having a death insurance can suit you and help you and your relatives live a calmer life:

  • By having everything planned your relatives will not need to make more last-minute decisions than needed.
  • Death insurances are not that expensive
  • Funerals without insurance can be an economic burden to the survivors. The coffin, the funeral, a niche and a tombstone or an urn in case of opting for incineration, flowers and reminders, fees and certificates will easily add up to a large amount of money. With the right coverage your family will skip high burial prices.
  • As a nice last act of caring, psychological attention for your loved ones is included.

Pet insurances

Most of us consider our pets as members of the family. For us they deserve the best care and attention. Our pet insurance will give you peace of mind for any unexpected circumstance; health, theft, hospitalisation…

One in three pets need veterinary treatment each year and the costs of pet healthcare in Spain can often be very high. Don’t forget that it is very important to insure the civil liability which means that with our pet insurance you will be covered for any damage caused by your pet to third parties. There is also a mandatory dog insurance for potentially dangerous dogs.

Personal accident insurances

With personal accident insurance you are protected from unseen risks.

Let’s face it, you are new in Spain and want to make the most of your stay here. That could mean living calmly enjoying a sip of sangria while savouring some tapas in a terrace of your chosen city but also taking part into frenzy adventures leading you to our gorgeous mountains, wonderful beaches and incredible countryside destinations.

How could you be sure to avoid the associated risks? Well, we all are exposed to risks in our daily life. A traffic accident while walking to your locally bar or restaurant, a slippery street on your way home from work or a hiking accidentcould happen to anyone.

An estimated of 23 home accidents occur in Spain every hour which include slipping out of the shower, falling down the stairs and similar domestic incidents. Regarding traffic accidents a 2018 report from Unespa shows 699 traffic accidents per hour and figures for 2016 reported more than 350,000 injured in a year of which over 1,100 or 3 per day died.

With a personal accident insurance, you can be covered economically in the event of suffering a home or traffic accident. Even if you own a car insurance it might be worth to be covered by a personal accident insurance and guarantee a financial protection for your family in case the worst happen.

Sports in Need of an Insurance

“Hiking is not a risk sport” you might think. Yes, it is! According to a 2016 report from FEDME (Spanish Mountaineering and Climbing Federation) hiking, trail running, and rock climbing are the sports that caused more accidents in that year. 46% of all personal accidents in the mountain were related to hiking.

Other risky sports that required people to be rescued by the Spanish official emergency services are mountain biking, canyoning, mountaineering, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and caving among others. And often the injured must pay for the costs of the deployment of rescue teams.

Benefits of a Personal Accident Insurance

The first obvious benefit of taking out a personal accident insurance is that its policy grants you coverage in case of any physical injury, demise, loss or deformity due to a violent, visible and dangerous accident. Other than that, in the tragical case of death of the insured their dependents are also covered against financial obligations.

Legal Insurance

legal insurance also known as a legal protection insurance or legal expenses insurance can be as important to have as a private health insurance. That is by offering coverage and protection from legal problems and making available the right professionals for your legal issue. Among the most common legal matters you can face in Spain there are tax issues, marriage conflicts, civil issues like inheritances, consumer disputes, claims, problems in the neighbourhood community, issues with online shopping, signing a contract, etc.

Why Taking Out a Legal Protection Insurance?

The number one reason to take out a legal insurance is to avoid dealing with court, judges and the legal system by yourself. Luckily enough legal matters ending in court are a minority however it is still a source of stress to engage with such procedures being ignorant of the matter.

Having a large assortment of legal professionals like lawyers and others ready to help at a minimum price can ease your life. A legal insurance also covers the costs of a judicial, arbitration or administrative procedure against you.

Customised Legal Insurance

There are legal insurances for each matter and group. These insurances can be hired by families, individuals, drivers, businesses, freelancers and even owners and communities of neighbours. Hiring legal protection insurance allows you to be protected from situations where you need to claim damages or have the advice of a lawyer when your rights are violated.

There is no incompatibility in the hiring of more than one legal insurance.

Basic Coverages for a Legal Protection Insurance

When taking out a legal insurance you should check the basic coverages included in the policy:

Criminal defence: legal, judicial and extrajudicial assistance, as well as the payment of expenses for the criminal defence procedure for faults.

Damage claim: legal, judicial and extrajudicial assistance, as well as the payment of expenses for legal protection for claims of damages caused by a third party to your personal property or pets.

Consumer defence: protection against damage including personal property or pets, for breach of contract by doctors, hospitals, veterinarians, travel agencies or online purchases, among others.

Legal protection as a tenant: defence and claim in the legal procedures as a lessee of the home.

Cyber insurances

Attacks on the Internet, Why Taking Out a Cyber Insurance?

Whether you are a private person, own a company in Spain or work as a professional or skilled IT worker a cyber insurance will let you avoid most of the bad consequences of a cyber-attack, cyber theft, hack or any other type of cybercrime.

Cyber risks are increasingly becoming one of the main worries of companies and professionals worldwide. Malicious attacks and cyber extorsions where cyber criminals demand payments in exchange for your compromised data (ransomware) or to stop DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks against your company website or servers have become more and more popular these last years. Cyber reputation risks associated to these kinds of attacks can impact your company negatively.

Reasons to Take Out a Cyber Insurance

All companies even the smaller ones are exposed to cyber-attacks. These are some of the reasons to have a cyber insurance policy that helps you mitigate risks:

  • Dealing with personal data, electronic devices, computers, networks and the cloud makes companies prone to be in the receiving end of a cyber-attack.
  • Local, Spanish or international legislation demands cyber risks to be considered by companies wanting to remain competitive. European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is one of the most relevant examples lately.
  • Risking your business operations or reputation in a single cyber-attack can be fatal to your company

Coverages in a Cyber Insurance Policy

Being covered in the event of personal data loss, third-party data alteration or destruction, eventual civil liability or economic loss due to an interruption of the company operations is just one of the benefits of having a cyber insurance.

Some coverages that you cyber insurance policy can include:

  • protection against cyber extortion
  • protection against data loss (personal or third-party)
  • economic retribution in case of an interruption of the company operations
  • legal defenseand protection against third-party damage: regulator entities, Internet publications, copyright issues
  • protection against cyber theft
  • on-demand contingency assistance by qualified IT experts

Other types of insurances that we offer…

  • Transport insurances, business insurances and office insurances
  • Professional liability insurances and 
  • D&O (Directors and Officers) insurances
  • Drone insurances for professionals according to the Spanish legislation
  • Insurances for bicycles, electric scooters and other personal mobility vehicles
  • Insurances for fishermen and hunters
  • Insurances for construction
  • Insurances for hotels
  • Saving and pension plans


Get a free quote by filling in the form on our site https://www.homes-abroad.com/services/insurances/ or send us a direct mail to info@homes-abroad.com with your enquiries.

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